Google Chrome problems repair here.

We all use Google Chrome browser to search anything and do anything online in the Google Chrome. There are also some problems or errors appear on the Google Chrome that left the user with a feeling of undone. Google customer service is here to tell you about all the problems that occurred in the Chrome browser which are not basic problems and the users are not aware of that.

Google is the most used browser but it is also not a perfect browser apart from being widely used. Many updates come in the Google Chrome and users have to update this all, if not then it will be crashed. Many users only know about the problems like not responding or crashing that occurs in the Chrome browser. But the problems we are going to tell are different and many users are not aware of that. 

The list of problems in the Google Chrome is as follows:-

  • Accidental Closures-

Google Chrome does not have any protection of the tabs in which we are working currently, when the Chrome suddenly closes. The exit of the Chrome is very disturbing as our work hampers. It does not protect our work that has been done before the closure.

  • Data request:-

Whenever we open any website, the Chrome asks for the permission to open it. It is good to ask to protect the system and browser from getting affected by the virus which can come from any website. But all the time it happens, that annoys many users because the load time will be high and users need to open the website immediately. 

  • Extensions updating:-

Google Chrome does not have any proper way to update all its extensions which are plugged in with the browser. If the user is trying to update the extension but he or she can not do that because Chrome does not have any proper backup or settings to update. To do this, we have to enable the developer mode in the extension settings. Then we can add the updated extension in the Chrome browser and plugin.

  • Mute tabs:-

The main problem with the Google Chrome is that when any user is watching any video online and suddenly another open tab appears. It is most irritating for the user. To stop this, we can mute the tabs. To do this, we have to enable the volume indicator icon. 

  • Auto-play videos:-

Chrome does not have any option to disable the auto-playing of any videos online. This is done by some changes in the settings. First, we have to the advanced settings, then after content setting option. There will be an option called flash portion and select the block sites option to disable the auto running videos.

These are all the extra errors and problems that happen in the Google Chrome and Google technical support number is available for the support if it happens with any user. For more information click on Google customer care

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